Note: Using the hooks API requires react @16.7.0-alpha.1 or @16.7.0-alpha.2.

The createStore equivalent using the React hooks API.
It uses useState under the hood and can be considered just a small abstraction layer over basic hooks.

It accepts the same options and returns the same interface.


Argument Type Description
actions (Object?) A map of actions where the key represents the action name and the value represents the action reducer
effects (Object?) A map of effects where the key represents the effect name and the value represents the updater
model (any?) The default model reflecting the initial state shape


(Object) an object containing the state, actions and effects to be used inside a React component.


import { useAlveron } from 'alveron'

const model = 0
const actions = {
  increment: state => state + 1,
  decrement: state => state - 1

function Counter() {
  const { state, actions } = useAlveron({ 

  return (
      <button onClick={increment}>+</button>
      <button onClick={decrement}>-</button>

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